Friday, February 27, 2015

Last Saturday my sister's dog Sage passed away.  She was 11 years old.    Not only was Sage close to my sister but she touched all of our hearts over the years.   Her gentle spirit made us calm and we always felt safe when she was around.  And she always was.  She is missed. 

Night Into Day
When we lose our friend,
the loss we feel is indescribable. 
It’s hard to imagine someone 
who is always there for us.
Who is always happy to see us 
no matter what kind of day or 
mood we might be in. 

Who year after year grows more attuned to us. 
Who senses our thoughts and feelings, 
Our friend teaches us to give and to love. And to be loved. 

Sage 02/21/15
They remind us to live in the moment
To accept things as they are.
And they teach us, to let go.
That our mortality is very real.
That one day, we too, will leave this earth.
And that,  it’s okay.
We don’t have to 
live in fear of it.

Is it a tragedy
anymore then the sun rises
And sets each day? 
As if each day dies into night 
only to be reborn into
Another day. 

And when we chose 
to have this Knowledge
We became the observers of this…
Because we know.
We have found compassion.
And with our Heart, 
comes Love. 

And with Love comes Loss.
Which is a privileged gift 
For those willing to receive it.

And this is a beautiful thing.
It truly is!

For Sage from her family.

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